Winter treats carrot halwa

During winters our appetite increases because our body spends some energy in keeping us warm. You might know that our ancient ways of eating was influenced by the seasonal vegetables and fruits and was therefore very good for health. One such recipe favourite this season is gajar ka halwa. Let me share the recipe with you.

For this recipe we need:

1. Carrots 500 g

2. Sugar 1 cup

3. Dry fruit mix 1 cup roughly chopped

4. Ghee or clarified butter 2 tablespoon

5. milk 1 cup

6. Some dry fruits to garnish

7. Green cardamom 1 (seeds crushed)

Nicely wash and peel the pink carrots. Now in a blender, blend the carrots coarsely and set it aside. Heat a pan on gas and add two tablespoons of ghee. To this, add the chopped dry fruits and fry a little. Remove it and set aside. Now add the coarsely grated carrots to the pan and fry them over slow flame. They will start softening and become darker in colour. Occasionally keep mixing them in between and fry for around ten minutes, then add milk and sugar to it. Alternatively you can substitute half the sugar with artificial sweeteners but I recommend using sugar in the recipe. Mix them nicely and let it cook until the milk is dry. Now crush the seeds of one green cardamom and add to this mix. Add fried dry fruits and let it cook for another two to three minutes. Transfer to serving bowl and garnish with remaining dry fruits. Your gajar ka halwa is ready. Serve hot and enjoy the winter with loved ones.

Preparation time 15 min

Cooking time 25 min

Serves 4 to 6



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