Take a tour to your career path.

You might be any age today to think of a career you always dreamt of having.

Today let me take you through a journey of a little girl called Minki. She was small pretty girl with two ponytail and used to think I am pink so I am going to grow up and get married to a pink and very good looking guy( I know what you are thinking but remember she is small around three or four years age). Then she started going to school and the hero at that age is the teacher who actually already knows everything  as she thinks. So now she starts thinking I want to become a teacher. Growing up to fifth grader, science is the most amazing subject, it has all the answers so now she thinks I want to become a scientist. Growing up further into a  teenager good in maths and science I am going to choose either engineering or medicine as my career. The decision is made by parents that you choose medicine so it’s good choice to be in medicine.

But the final run begins now. What should I do, whether practice medicine, or choose to do my specialization in medicine, or do management etc. All the confusion in mind is just one small plot we make just to figure out what do we actually dream of.

But tell you actually whatever our kids decide to choose as a profession in today’s world the only thing they need from us is motivation to become the best. Believe me a doctor wanting to design dresses or an architect becoming a model like we have example of Aishwarya Rai and so many more you might not have heard of, if they turn out to be the best in their field they will always make you proud.

Love your kids and love yourself. You can be the best in whatever you decide to be and so will the next generation, our children future of our nation.

The right thing is not what we think is the best but what best we can do and what we think is worth doing.

  1. Understanding the potential along with the innate interest is always best way of deciding a career path.  Wanting to create an organisation or wanting to work for an organisation  if done at its best than that’s what we are looking for in life.

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