Stuffed tomatoes


Another healthy recipe to die for is here.

Stuffed tomatoe needs:

Tomatoes -2 firm

Paneer – 100 g shredded

Green Chillis- chopped

Salt to taste

pizza seasoning for taste

Spring onion leaves for garnishing and presentation

Olive oil (spray is better as controlled quantity comes out)

Cut a slice of tomato from top and scoop out the seeds and liquiqd from inside. cut green chillis and spring onions fine and set aside. Take the shredded paneer or cottage cheese in a bowl and add bottom part of spring onion, green chillis, salt to taste and pizza seasoning and mix well. Take the tomatoes and fill the mix to the pop of the tomatoes. spray some oil on the tomatoes and microwave at 100 percent in a microwave safe dish for three minutes without lid. Take it out in a plate and garnish with the greens of spring oning and serve hot. A delicious low calorie meal for dinner or lunch is ready.

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