Health a positive approach scientifically

Let us talk about what comes to our mind when we think about our health. In our day-to-day lifestyle, we ignore ourselves completely and the result is all forms of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity even arthritis at an early age, as early as at the age forty. These do not come alone they hamper our capacity to enjoy life by restricting movement and also restricting food as they require particular diet to be followed. The circle is thus closed by making us feel sorry about ourselves.

Now go the other way round, by balancing our diet in proper manner and improving our exercising habits, we gain freedom. Freedom from all sorts of health adversities, freedom from any worrying about health and the biggest one, freedom from financial burden you know how; we don’t need to spend on medications, tests and no depression of not being able to go holidaying or playing like children.  In a way its a gift everyone should give him/herself.

How to do it? just make some wise choices like:

  1. Choosing the right kind of food that can offer health benefits.
  2. Eating most of the things in its natural form and not the processed forms.
  3. Choosing to eat at right time and in right quantity, i.e. not eating emotionally.
  4. avoiding buddy time as eat out times rather spend time in other activities for better bonding rather than food bond.

It’s good to say I am a foodie but don’t mean the same at the cost of health.

  1. exercising regularly everyday, choose any form of exercise, dance forms, jog, brisk walk, swimming, yoga, etc.
  2. stay away from stress as much as possible, if you cannot avoid them at least lead a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Most importantly smile a lot.

In a world that is moving fast with the blazing speed of light, let’s be like a bird to enjoy life. Live life full size.


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