How to manage work-life-balance for greater efficiency

Work, life and efficiency go hand in hand with our physical and mental health and well-being. A lot of theories off late have focused on the importance of this phenomenon. Don’t you feel at times that working-to-live is what is important rather than living-to-work. Our lives revolve around three major things, self, family and work. It is very important to maintain a harmony between all three of them. Imbalance due to higher focus on any one of them definitely disturbs the other two without our realisation. There are a lot of factors influencing this balance:.

  1. Individual: The fact that this theory majorly revolves around the person itself, definitely makes individual become the central point to this balance and it is therefore dependent on him whether the balance is achieved or the scale is leaning on side.

  2. Family: The nature, demands and the type of family is another important influence on this balance. Some people may have more commitment in terms of child care or elderly care, some may have lesser.For people family in a sense is happiness and the dependency of person on family is very important for the mental well-being. Thus in case the focus is more on work, this may create a disharmony on the other side of the scale. The time spent with the family will decrease. The quality and quantity of time spent with the family will also depend on the nature of job and the extent of focus. In turn it is not difficult to say that increase in stress may also lead to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and may in turn cause the centre point to move further away from the balanced lifestyle.

  3. Work or organisation: The majority of time is mostly spent by people in the office space, hence the culture of an organisation may have a lot of effect on the lives of people or employee. There can be two types of superior or bosses in the organisation namely one focused on increasing the efficiency of the organisation and the other focused on building loyalty towards organisation. This may contribute differently to the work life balance of the employees.

  4. Social environment: In countries with rich cultural focus the demand of social life may also be one factor contributing to work life balance. Increased work load in office environment may lead to inability of person being able to contribute to social demands and in turn may lead to being isolated and unhappy self.

Implications of imbalance in work life balance:

  1. Personal implications: personal dissatisfaction may lead to prolonged sadness, depression and other ill effects on health.

  2. Family implications: Greater demands in work environment may lead to unfulfilled family commitments and in turn may result in detachment from them.

  3. Organisational implications: The increased dissatisfaction in fulfilling family and social commitment may lead to cutting down in work hours and being unable to sustain performance levels and negative energy build up.

Organisational perspective for greater work life balance:

The harmony in personal and professional life is always a contributing factor to increased efficacy. To improve this the human resources management may introduce good strategies within the organisation like

  1. Flexible working hours.

  2. Child care facilities.

  3. Elderly care facilities.

  4. Work at home.

  5. Job sharing.

A good mix of employee satisfaction and motivation is a great way to increase the efficacy. Work life balance is the way of life not just a motivator but also an enhancer of loyalty being developed towards the organisation.

Red and green chillies pickles

This one amazing pickle to taste buds and beauty to the eyes. I just prepared it yesterday and would like to share the recipe with you all. For this pickle you need base ingredients

Fat red : 4 to 5

Fat green chillies : 4 to 5

For spice mix preparation you need

yellow mustard : 4 to 5 tablespoon

Cumin seeds : 1 tablespoon

Fennel seeds : 3 to 4 tablespoon

Fenugreek seeds : 2 to 3 tablespoon

asafoetida: 1/2 teaspoon

Coriander seeds : 4 to 5 tablespoon

Salt to taste

Dry red Chillies: 1 to 2

Chilli powder : 2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder: 2 teaspoon

Onion seeds or kalongi: 1 teaspoon

Vinegar: 1 teaspoon

Mustard oil : 1/4 litre

Take a pan on the gas and dry roast cumin, fennel, coriander seeds, dry red Chillies and take it in a blender, add mustard seeds and blend into powder. Now remove the stem of the fat red chillies and green chillies and wipe them nicely with clean dry cloth. Set aside. Now in a pan heat oil to the smoking point and turn the gas off. Now add the Nigel seeds or onion seeds asafoetida, dry ground spices, turmeric and chilli powder, salt, vinegar and mix well. Slit the chillies from one side and stuff this masala mix inside the chillies. Keep them in a clear glass jar an add the remaining spice mix on the top. Now in another pan heat the remaining mustard oil to the smoking points and let it cool. Add the oil on top of the chillies and spice mix and close the jar. Let it mature for six to seven days preferably in sunlight and start using your #yummy delicious red and green chilli pickles.

Watch “Crab Curry with coconut milk” on YouTube

Crab Curry with coconut milk is another amazing recipe you will love if you love seafood. I am sharing my recipe with you which everyone at my home loved today.

For this you need:

Crab medium-sized 4 to 5

Coriander seeds 1 tablespoon

Cumin seeds 1 teaspoon

Garlic cloves 4 to 5

Ginger 1 inch

Tamarind 1 inch piece

Onion 1 big

Peppercorns 1 teaspoon

Cloves 3 to 4

Black cardamom 2

Green cardamom 1

Cinnamon 1 inch piece

Dry whole red chillies 2

Green chillies 2

In a pan dry roast dry spices till aroma comes out and set aside. Now dry roast onion chopped coarsely, ginger, garlic, green chillies, until soft and grind along with dry spices into smooth paste. In a flat bottom pan add oil and spice paste along with curry leaves and fry. Add chilli powder and turmeric to it. Now add washed and cleaned crabs to it and fry for five minutes. Add tomato paste and fry for another five minutes. Add water about half a glass, and coconut milk cover and cook. Add cut green chillies, coriander leaves and juice of half a lemon and salt. Cook for five minutes and add two to three piece of kokam. Cover and simmer for some time. Your crab curry with coconut milk is ready. Serve hot with rice and eat with your loved ones.

Preparation time 10 minutes

Cooking time 20 minutes

Serves 3

Choosing a February born employee

Being in HR function gives a lot more time and insight into the behavioural aspects of people around us. Let us today go through understanding the different traits of February born employees so as to gain maximum benefits of placing them in the right segment of work.

Positive traits of February born employees:

  1. Buy Cheap Diazepam From India Frank. Their frankness allows them to be extremely truthful. It’s not that they cannot lie, they can, but they rather say the truth than say something that’s not true.
  2. Buy Valium Sweden They are authentic and original. People born in February are known for their originality. They believe in doing things their own way rather than following others just for the sake of it. This is what makes them very different from others. They stand out in a crowd for doing things differently.
  3. Buy Diazepam Tablets Online Mysterious. It’s often very difficult to understand people born in February and what they’re thinking. But being mysterious has its perks. It generates curiosity in others.
  4. Where Can I Buy Real Valium Innovative. Their imagination runs wild and they have the ability to think outside of the box and it’s not surprising that a lot of people born in this month are scientists, writers, innovators, or works in any job that requires this skill.
  5. Buy Diazepam 5Mg Tablets Uk They are one of a kind. Their originality and creativity make them one of a kind. They prefer to be different and be known as an ‘individual’ rather than as a part of the group. This makes February borns never boring, they are unique, fun and have a great mind.
  6. Determined people. Their determination, self-control, and drive allow them to tackle even the most herculean tasks. It may take time, but eventually breakthrough it. The most of us only wished we had this trait. Imagine being able to do even the difficult of tasks without giving up.
  7. Loyal. People born in February are loyal, caring, devoted, faithful, committed, attentive and we could go on and on. The list is endless! They’ll be there for you when no one else does.
  8. They are compassionate and generous. February borns are the most selfless people in the world. They’re always out to make a difference and help the world. They believe in the change they want to see. People born in February are very compassionate and generous which makes them admired by others around them.
  9. They are strong. They are able to control their emotions without it taking a toll on them. If they do ever get affected by it, they tend to get over it easily compared to others.
  10. Buy Valium 5 Mg Online People born in February do not like to rush things. They take it slow and one step at a time. It helps them to be more logical and gain more knowledge and also appreciate the things around them. No matter the situation or the consequence. They learn from their mistakes and experiences. Most people from February are making their own way if anything others follow them.

Negative traits of February born employee:

  1. Although they don’t reveal much about themselves, it leaves the rest of us wondering who they really are and leaves us wanting to know more about them before trusting.
  2. Others will get impatient and feel that February borns are slowing them down, but it’s only because they are analyzing every single thing before taking action, not because they are lazy.
  3. February born is never scared to be honest. So sometimes most people think of February born as too upfront and will try to avoid them only because they’re afraid of the truth.

Watch “Yummy dal fry/ tadka my style” on YouTube

This recipe is one of the yummy filling recipe you may serve with roti, rice or eat it as it is.

For this recipe you need:

Toor dal: 1 cup

Ginger garlic paste : 1 tablespoon

Turmeric : 1 teaspoon

Chilli powder : 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Tomato: 1 slit in cross

Peanuts : 2-3 tablespoon

Jeggery small piece

Tamarind: 1 – 2 piece

Green chilli 1

For tampering:

Hing a pinch

whole red chilli 1

Ginger garlic paste :1 teaspoon

Turmeric and red chilli powder and garam masala

Coriander leaves : 1 tablespoon

In a pressure cooker take dal, add two and half times water and add peanuts, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, turmeric, salt and tomatoe. Boil for four to five whistles and then on slow flame for five minutes. Put off gas and open the lid when steam rests.

In a tampering spoon take some ghee and put it on heat, add mustard seeds, hing, whole red chilli, ginger garlic paste and powder masala. Remove from flame and set aside.

Put the cooker back on gas add the tampering along with jeggery and tamarind. Bring it to a boil. Take it out in a serving bowl and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot with roti or rice or as you may like it.

Restaurant style Sundays brunch

Amazing Sunday morning if you get restaurant style breakfast at home. #yummy, you instantaneously become everybody’s favourite person. Yes but when it’s not, can you guess who is that charming person at my place, my son.

Let me share with you a nice Sunday morning brunch.

For this we need

Cauliflower 5-6 florets

Peas 50 g

mushroom 4-5

French beans 5-7

Pumpkin 50g

Bell pepper 1

Eggs 4

Wash vegetables and mushroom and set aside. Cut mushroom and french beans into halves and vegetables into one inch pieces. Take a bowl and boil some water into it. Blanch vegetables for two minutes and strain them. Blanch mushroom for ten seconds. Now put a grill pan on fire and heat it. Grill vegetables on the pan on medium to high heat to get grill marks and spray some cooking oil on it. When done from both sides, sprinkle salt and pepper and take it out on a plate and set aside. In the same pan grill some pav or thick bread slices. Brush a little butter on it. When done from both sides take them out and set aside. To the same pan break the eggs and scramble them for two minutes. Add salt pepper and chillies and take it out on in serving plate with breads. Take it to the dining table and enjoy with your loved ones.

Yummy veg cutlets

Making kids feel wow when they open their lunch box is something every mom loves. Today I am sharing one such favourite recipe of my son and it is what he calls #yummy veg cutlets. For this recipe you need:

Cauliflower 50g

Green peas 50g

Potatoes 4 medium-sized

Beetroot 2 medium-sized

Green chillies 2 (mild non spicy ones)

Coriander leaves 2 tablespoon

Bread slices 3 to 4

Boil potatoes and other vegetables separately and keep aside. Chop green chillies and coriander leaves finely and set aside. Take a medium depth bowl and break the bread slices into it. Now add potatoes, boiled vegetables, and mash nicely. Now to this add green chillies, coriander leaves, salt to taste and a pinch of kasuri methi with some pepper. Mix all the ingredients well and make them into cutlets of various shapes and sizes as you may like and keep them aside. Heat a pan and spray some cooking oil on it. Now cook the cutlets on both the sides and take it out on serving plate. Serve them hot as snacks with tomato ketchup or pack them for your kids lunch box and see no one can stop you from becoming the favourite mom to the kids. Have fun and enjoy with your family.

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Preparation time: 10 min

Serves: 8

Weekend getaway this season Uran Plaza

This weekend getaway is nice place to find yourself some peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated around thirty kilometres away from Mumbai, Uran Plaza is easily accessible via all means of communication namely bus, ferry and train up to navi Mumbai then by bus. If you have your own car then you definitely have your own time the way you like it. You may go there with your friends , family or with kids you definitely will love it. The place faces sea and the view is absolutely amazing. Just listen to the sound of sea along with the cool breeze and enjoy your cup of tea or drinks as per your preference. The place has some really authentic and fresh seafood dishes to offer and people who are fond of sea food this place will never disappointed them. reasonably priced is one of the key points of this property and if you come here once you would definitely want to visit again. There is a small basketball court for kids to play and elders to enjoy the solitude and nature.


When the sun goes down you may prefer driving back or stay in the rooms that can be rented and are reasonably priced and nicely maintained. You can also visit nearby peerwadi beach.

If you happen to visit the place coming weekend don’t forget to share your views with me and lovely pics on Facebook. Bye for now I’ll be back with another rich experience soon.

My travel experience, Jaipur

Ever wondered how rich is our cultural heritage. You will definitely amused to see Rajasthan. I had been to Jaipur this holiday season which was really mesmerizing. The rich architectural heritage our country has is worth spending your time not once but it would definitely make you revisit them again. The monuments that are symbol of ancient era are really worth spending time. The places I could cover in this visit of mine I would like to mention here:

Jaigarh fort: it is one or the beautiful places constructed there. The most talked about point is the Canon. This is the major attraction of the place. It took thirty years to build the cannon and was used only once.

The place is full of the story used by the emperor during those times. It also has a beautiful presentation of the areas used for discussion, female dining area, male dining area. The view from the top is unmatched. Visit during winters from November to early March. Amber Palace: this is still one of the property managed by private ownership but the work is done really well. The carvings on the pillars are really exquisite and is adorable. The place has nominal entry fee but is worth spending time if you love architecture.

It still has beautifully managed gardens and every corner of the fort can tell you a story. There are beautiful shows presented during the evenings and it is one great attraction for the place.

Sheesh Mahal: this is present inside Amber palace itself but is one unique feature in itself. It was supposed to be the Diwan-e-khas of the emperor. The attraction is the glass effect carvings of the era. It has beautiful shine and feel. People just cannot resist clicks there.

The key point to mention is the corner where you stand one side and other person can click your pic in the mirror as if you are in the painting. You will love to see this. Sheesh Mahal is really beautiful.

Buy Cheap Valium Uk Online Hawa Mahal: Hawa Mahal is known for its beautiful ventilation the windows or jharokha. The sleek appearance in front and different levels have been built beautifully. The presence of stairs and ramp is fit for everyone to choose how they want to go up.

Though it is situated in the centre of pink city but it still holds its unique attraction and beauty. The place features the beautiful knowledge of architecture maximizing airflow.

Nahargadh Biological and zoological Park: If you are visiting with your kids, nothing is more attractive for them. There are carnivorous animals like lion, tiger, white tiger, hyena etc managed beautifully. The trees and plants have been labelled for people to understand nicely.

Also beautiful birds steal the attention of people visiting.

There are lots of other places like pushkar and ajmer that can be clubbed along with Jaipur and give you the beautiful memory of the place visited.

Jantar Mantar: the place is very educational and is based on ancient astrology of india.

The mathematical calculations of our ancient contributions are must visit place for our next generation to understand the importance of our country and its rich history. City Palace: this can be planned along with Hawa Mahal and jantar mantar as all of them are situated in pink city close to each other.

The must try place for foodies is Rajdhani restaurant which serves beautiful authentic taste of Rajasthan.

Thought a little higher on spice, Rajasthani cuisine makes a special place in the hearts of people coming there.

That’s all about Jaipur and I will be back with another rich experience. Bye for now.