Managing weight during and post festive season

Excitement of festivals are always great. But so is the that 3 to 4 kg weight gain are going to be the by-product of this. Ever wondered my favourite jeans need me so I am definitely not going to touch anything this festive. Nope coz when we visit someone, ‘can’t say no to the delicious preparations of my friends, neighbours’.
It actually is the fact and the problem we have to face.
Not to worry the best way to keep it in check, choose wisely.
1. Start your day with a glass of lemon juice.
2. Eat light at home so that there is space to accommodate calories outside too.
3. Try to choose lower cal ones over at neighbours or friends place.
4. Choose nuts over fried food.
5. Choose juice over sweets.
6. Have only 2 to 3 bites if you need to visit too many friends.
7. And most importantly go for a detox week with fruits and vegetables post holidays and festivals.
It’s good to celebrate, but even better to celebrate decorating and dressing up nicely rather than bingeing.
Love yourself and stay fit.



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