How to manage relationships being in the same office

As important as it seems to have a great career, it is equally important to balance personal lives along with it. Now a days long working hours have become quite common in most of the organisations. This in turn has reduced time people use to socialise or the private life somehow gets overlapped by professional life. Since more than eight hours are being spent in the office space makes integration and relationships grow more inside the organisations. But as it should not jeopardise the behaviour of person, it is important that we understand the dos and don’t of relationships in the same office space:

  1. Do give each other proper space even if you both work in the same department.

  2. Always try and build good professional relations with other colligues in the office.

  3. Try giving other colligue’s work equal recognition.

  4. Try to use personal time out side for personal conversation to avoid people gossiping unnecessarily.

  5. Try to keep it undisclosed to others as far as possible until you are completely sure about the future otherwise it might become difficult for both of you to work together in case it does not work out.

  6. Share good practice and good experience with each other as it builds strong bond with each other and also develop mutual respect for each other.

  7. Share good ideas with each other so that it helps both to grow together.

  8. Always motivate each other to keep upgrading knowledge so as to build healthy and cultured environment for future.

The don’t of the relationship are:

  1. Never let the colleagues feel neglected by the couple approach in office.

  2. Do not let the feelings be open to everyone in the office as it leads to a lot of gossip and distraction in office space.

  3. Do not favour the partner unnecessarily because this might lead to imbalance in the office harmony.

  4. Do not use office phone or email for personal conversation.

  5. Do not make it obvious that you have to come and go at the same time.

  6. Do not interfere in the other persons work space and creativity in office as it may lead to stress building in relation.

  7. Do not be jealous of the other persons recognition in the department or office as the talent itself could have been the reasons to bring both of you together.

  8. Do not bring department competition a matter of stress in relation.

These are a few tips for healthy relationship in the same office space.


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