How to balance lifestyle during festivals..

Thinking of an ideal body is everyone’s dream but somehow we really get carried away by the charm of festival season. It is not difficult to say that we can easily keep ourselves motivated by a few simple steps for this season:

1. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy mind and body so the first thing to begin with is nice regulated appropriate seven to eight hours of sleep must be a lifestyle. No matter going to bed on time is a good way.

2. We have all heard “early to bed and early to rise…” we must wake up early and definitely take up some form of exercise atleast for sixty to ninety minutes everyday or atleast six days a week.

3. You are what you eat, very true. Temptations to eat all the rich, fried and sweet things is something no one is able to resist. But there is an easy way to keep a check on this. Every time you get tempted to do so make sure you eat a citrus fruit like orange, sweet lime etc before gorging on them. Benefits, clear flawless skin and less hungry at the same time .

4. A glass of lemon juice with some honey is one great immunity booster as well keeps you away from weight gain.

5. Use few drops aromatic oil in a bowl of water and keep it in your room. It keeps you calm and keeps mosquitoes away.

6. Children tend to eat more often because of plenty of snacks being available. Advising them to wash or sanitize their hands is another important thing to focus on. This will keep them away from stomach upsets.


One thought on “How to balance lifestyle during festivals..

  1. These are very awesome tips! I really love the tip about drinking honey lemon water. I really do it everyday when I was still abroad but when I went back to the Philippines, I am unable to buy lemon because it’s so expensive that’s why I switched to calamansi.


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