Health guidelines for frequent travellers

Travelling is the need for most of the people now-a-days. You may or may not like traveling but if you cannot avoid, planning it properly will make it easier, fun and an advantage for people. It is always advisable to plan short trips instead of long ones at a stretch. Planning it well makes it easier. The common problems that may occur are:

  1. Stomach upset: This is the most common and upsetting problem. It is advisable to carry lactobascillus sachet available at medicine stores in your emergency kit. Ask your doctor for suitable antibiotic combination that can be used in case of stomach infection.

  2. Aches and pains: Body aches and pains is also one common problem encountered. It can be taken care of with the help of over the counter analgesics like paracetamol or aspirin etc that suits you.

  3. Allergies: Another common problem encountered are allergies of any origin. Carry new generation antihistaminics with low sedation in the emergency kit.

  4. Fever: Antipyretics like paracetamol may give relief in case it is not too high fever or when visiting doctor is not the necessity.

Tips for the beginners:

  1. One of the most common problem usually associated with change of weather and water is stomach upset. It is the most annoying problem. It is important for people with sensitive stomach to stick to simpler food. As far as possible drink bottled mineral water. Try to have curd along with food . Lactobascillus present in curd helps in digestion. For emergency purpose pharmaceutical lactobascillus preparation can be great help so carry them along. It is good to enjoy temptations of local cuisine but choose hygienic places.

  2. Try to reach one day prior to the meeting or engagement where you are required. This will keep you fresh for the meeting. Traveling early mornings same day may make you feel tired and you may not be able to focus completely.

  3. If you are travelling to some tourist destination, try to keep it around weekends so that you can finish your work and utilize weekend to see the place around. This way you can combine work and pleasure together.

  4. Always carry a medicine kit with you. It may help you or if you may not need then your colleagues might get help in case of emergency. It is good to consult your family physician to prepare the kit. This could be a one time exercise but will be worth the pain.

  5. Always keep your friends and family posted about your whereabouts so that in case of emergency they know where to contact. I am saying this with my personal experience. One of our friends had been to Nepal and got stuck in earthquake situation, no one was able to understand where and whom to contact. It should not happen with anyone so make sure you inform near and dear ones.

  6. For women travellers, one thing to really avoid is using unhyginic rest rooms. Also be prepared for the important days of the month to avoid discomfort. If you need pain killers, please make sure it is there in medicine kit.

  7. People with certain health issues like hypertension and diabetes may require to be on medication on regular basis. To avoid missing them, it is best to keep an extra strip and at two different places so that in case of luggage delay or such situations you do not miss medication. It is better to carry prescription along since prescription drugs may not be available without prescription in such situations in other countries.

  8. In case of travelling abroad, benzodiazepines or antipsychotic drugs may fall in illegal categories and without prescription may be considered under drug laws hence you must carry your prescription along during travel to foreign destinations.

Travel and work are important but above all good health is the key to success and happiness. Taking care of few important thing might make it comfortable if not interesting for you.


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