Engaging employees during festivals

qtq80-PLrNPHWhenever festive season is round the corner there is an opportunity for improvement in the overall environment of office negating the office politics. This has a very good impact on improving overall positive approach. Few of the ways in which organisations and HR department does this is:

  1. Organising various activities like decorations.

  2. Various different forms of combination like fusion dressing, traditional dress-up day, theme dressing ect.

Prize for best dressed male and female.

  1. Having cooking activities like cooking without flames.
  2. Organising lunches or dinners.

  3. Gift or voucher distribution for employees.

  4. Prize for best work station.

  5. Organising fashion shows of employees or singing and dance competitions, quiz contests.

  6. Organising programs for kids of employees like activity meant for kids wherein employees can eagerly bring there kids dressed up nicely for the activities in office.

  7. This also involves certain sports activities for their kids.

We know if kids admire parents professional people have similar feeling for their organisations too.

My dear friends if you happen to have more innovative platforms in your office, do remember to share with all of us or comment in my post. Hope you like it.

Bye for now.



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