Choosing a February born employee

Being in HR function gives a lot more time and insight into the behavioural aspects of people around us. Let us today go through understanding the different traits of February born employees so as to gain maximum benefits of placing them in the right segment of work.

Positive traits of February born employees:

  1. Frank. Their frankness allows them to be extremely truthful. It’s not that they cannot lie, they can, but they rather say the truth than say something that’s not true.
  2. They are authentic and original. People born in February are known for their originality. They believe in doing things their own way rather than following others just for the sake of it. This is what makes them very different from others. They stand out in a crowd for doing things differently.
  3. Mysterious. It’s often very difficult to understand people born in February and what they’re thinking. But being mysterious has its perks. It generates curiosity in others.
  4. Innovative. Their imagination runs wild and they have the ability to think outside of the box and it’s not surprising that a lot of people born in this month are scientists, writers, innovators, or works in any job that requires this skill.
  5. They are one of a kind. Their originality and creativity make them one of a kind. They prefer to be different and be known as an ‘individual’ rather than as a part of the group. This makes February borns never boring, they are unique, fun and have a great mind.
  6. Determined people. Their determination, self-control, and drive allow them to tackle even the most herculean tasks. It may take time, but eventually breakthrough it. The most of us only wished we had this trait. Imagine being able to do even the difficult of tasks without giving up.
  7. Loyal. People born in February are loyal, caring, devoted, faithful, committed, attentive and we could go on and on. The list is endless! They’ll be there for you when no one else does.
  8. They are compassionate and generous. February borns are the most selfless people in the world. They’re always out to make a difference and help the world. They believe in the change they want to see. People born in February are very compassionate and generous which makes them admired by others around them.
  9. They are strong. They are able to control their emotions without it taking a toll on them. If they do ever get affected by it, they tend to get over it easily compared to others.
  10. People born in February do not like to rush things. They take it slow and one step at a time. It helps them to be more logical and gain more knowledge and also appreciate the things around them. No matter the situation or the consequence. They learn from their mistakes and experiences. Most people from February are making their own way if anything others follow them.

Negative traits of February born employee:

  1. Although they don’t reveal much about themselves, it leaves the rest of us wondering who they really are and leaves us wanting to know more about them before trusting.
  2. Others will get impatient and feel that February borns are slowing them down, but it’s only because they are analyzing every single thing before taking action, not because they are lazy.
  3. February born is never scared to be honest. So sometimes most people think of February born as too upfront and will try to avoid them only because they’re afraid of the truth.

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