Changing the way you think might result in finding solutions in a better way

Ever thought how interesting any subject could be for you with a different point of view? You must be thinking what am I talking about? Just think about it from your childhood to the day you start calling yourself an authority to decide for yourself how you have been looking at things. The perception is all about that. For a three year old mickey mouse is the best thing in this world. Growing up to a five year old micky mouse is simply funny. As an eight year old mickey mouse must have lost its charm but won’t like sharing it with others. As a twelve year old not even aware that a toy like mickey mouse exists. We perceive things differently at different stages of our life. At times when we are stuck in some problem or looking for solutions this is what helps us best. Just try changing angle of your puzzle and may be really quickly you are able to solve it. Many-a-times, when we look at a problem it makes our mind puzzled. We look at a lot of the things surrounding it and loose our focus on it. This makes it seem really big and then we start thinking there is no way out of this. The situation becomes worsened if you are an introvert. You must have heard this wise saying that we should share our problems with others, may be the right perspective may come from someone. The stress in office environment often builds up because of the corporate culture not promoting bonding over tea or coffee as good practice for the industry. The result being youngsters now-a-days require psychologist support lots of times to deal with stressful situations. It is good to encourage building coffee or tea groups in offices as an open culture and employees should be encouraged to share their experiences about dealing with situations for the benefit of everyone. This may also help in building better bond amongst the group and decreasing stress thereby improving overall culture of the organisation. Afterall healthy mind are more productive for corporate and for society.


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