My journey Kathmandu and Pokhara ❤

Exciting as it seemed to me while starting my trip to #Nepal I had no idea that I am going to love it to this extent.

I was travelling with my husband and son, eight nights and nine days in this amazing country. My son was much more excited then me and you won’t believe that he has searched on Google and made a list of all the places he wanted to see and had even told his teacher that he was going to see #himalaya in Nepal. Our flight landed in Tribhuvan International Airport at around twelve in the afternoon and by the time we checked into the hotel it was around two in the afternoon. We relaxed a little and then came out in evening around four to explore and plan our next day.We asked the travel desk as well outside cab guys for the day tour and tried bargaining the fare. It turned out that we had to pay around eight thousand of Nepalese currency for the day trip. Then we wanted to explore a little ourselves so we went exploring Thamel a tourist place more like shopping place. There were quite good number of eateries also liked by the tourists. Spending some time there we were back to hotel.

Pashupatinath temple: Relaxed the next morning we started around nine in the morning and headed to beautiful world heritage site of pashupatinath temple. It is a Shiva temple with four faced shivalinga.

Chandragiri Hills: Then We headed to chandragiri hills. After a drive of around one and half hours we reached the point from where we took cable car and reached the point. The view from here is amazing and you can see ganeshi ranges, annapoorna ranges, Everest and macchhapuchhare peaks from there. Climbing up we have a beautiful Shiva temple. Some play area for children is also made there and is nicely maintained. This place is also favourite of local Nepalese people.

swayambhu Stupa/ Monkey temple: After our visit to chandragiri hills we headed to swyambhu stupa. It was around half an hour drive from chandragiri hills and we could see the stupa, buddhist museum and a beautiful glimpse of the sunset was amazing there. This time of the year was quite chilling and by five in the evening there was the need for winter clothing along with extremities protection like gloves. We were back to hotel #radisson where our stay was quite comfortable for the evening.

Next day we took a flight to #Pokhara from the domestic airport. Here one thing I would like to mention that if you plan your trip around this season, do not book the morning flights as there is alot of uncertainty due to fog. It is better to travel in the afternoon around twelve noon or so. As the so goes up the fog generally clears. Reaching Pokhra our stay was at #waterfront_resort. This place has alot of adventure activities like paragliding kayaking etc but we choose to cover the places we wanted to see in and around pokhara.We choose to do sightseeing for three days and they charged us eight and half thousand INR for that. My reason of mentioning the amounts is just to give some rough estimate for my friends who might desire to plan their trip. The sightseeing in pokhara can be divided in parts.

Day 1 : we started with talbarahi temple. This temple is very beautiful and is located in the lake phewa. We took a boat ride to the temple for around 200 INR both ways. It’s beautiful feeling to go there as well as see people kayaking around. It takes around ten minutes to reach there by boat and we were done in an hour back.

Then we progressed to bindiyabasini temple which is a collection of few small temples.

Then was the turn of seti river or seti gandaki. You can see it there or also at the river bank.

From there we went to chamero caves which is a bat cave. You have to go down and as adventurous as it feels, you get the sight of natural inhabitants, that is, the bats.

Then a visit to the cultural museum of pokhara can close the day.

Day 2 : We headed to sarangkot view point 5 am in the morning. This depends upon weather conditions. If its clear sky then you can plan this otherwise you need to wait for the next day. It was freezing cold there but worthy of the efforts. You can watch and capture every moment of sunrise and changing colours of the annapurna ranges as well as macchapucchhre. It’s amazing to see that. Once done with that you have time to see hand knitted woollen products you can buy from there. Back to hotel by eight we finished our breakfast. Then a little later we went for half day shopping and exploring to the city.

Day 3: we started with butterfly museum which has collection of thousands of butterfly and other insects. Also beautiful description of the lifestyle of the mountains. Very nicely maintained and very informative.

Then we progressed to begnas lake. It’s beautiful and picturesque atmosphere is amazing. It was followed by rupa lake.

The day then took us to the beautiful mountain museum which is really very enriching for children to know the various developments and history of mountains and mountaineering.

Then we went to gupteshwar mahadev caves. This place is amazing and when you go down inside the caves you have mahadev temple. Most of the people come back from there but if you choose to go further down you get to see the David fall.

This couldn’t have a better closing of the day then seeing the beautiful shanti stupa of #peace_pagoda. This place gives an amazing view of mountains and the sunset here and is worth spending time. They also have a Japanese buddhist temple here.

Our sightseeing in pokhara completed with this and we headed back to Kathmandu the next day.

The next day we planned our visit to bhaktapur durbar square. This has amazing temples but a lot of restoration going on after the earthquake. There is this beautiful museum there with alot of enriching stuff for kids.

Then the second half of the day could be spent in Patan museum and the area again is full of temples but also some restoration work can be seen.

This summed up pur visit to Nepal.We were back to Mumbai the next day.If you plan for a longer visit, you may also add annapurna base camp visit for two days from pokhara.This is all for now, will be back with another amazing experience.


Weekend getaway this season 2018 pavna lake and lohgad fort

Pavna lake is another great getaway this season for long weekend. Around two and half hours drive from Mumbai this place is really beautiful and scenic. If you love nature and peaceful atmosphere this is the place for you. The lake has crystal clear water and the soothing atmosphere and is definitely going to rejuvenate you to your highest level of energy.

Spending some time there and choose to spend some more adventurous time, then move to lohgad fort. This is a great fort from the time of shivaji maharaj and is a wonderful place. It is situated at a really great altitude to give you beautiful view of the entire area. You will come across really big stairs to climb and a wonderful exercise reaching the top and coming down. If you are carrying eatables better be aware of monkeys. You have awesome feel at the top and there are beautiful lakes with clear water at the top. You also have a Shiva temple on the top.

By the time you are back you will definitely have great memories, beautiful pics of your time there which needs to be shared on Facebook. Have fun and come back with great energy.


Weekend getaway this season Uran Plaza

This weekend getaway is nice place to find yourself some peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated around thirty kilometres away from Mumbai, Uran Plaza is easily accessible via all means of communication namely bus, ferry and train up to navi Mumbai then by bus. If you have your own car then you definitely have your own time the way you like it. You may go there with your friends , family or with kids you definitely will love it. The place faces sea and the view is absolutely amazing. Just listen to the sound of sea along with the cool breeze and enjoy your cup of tea or drinks as per your preference. The place has some really authentic and fresh seafood dishes to offer and people who are fond of sea food this place will never disappointed them. reasonably priced is one of the key points of this property and if you come here once you would definitely want to visit again. There is a small basketball court for kids to play and elders to enjoy the solitude and nature.


When the sun goes down you may prefer driving back or stay in the rooms that can be rented and are reasonably priced and nicely maintained. You can also visit nearby peerwadi beach.

If you happen to visit the place coming weekend don’t forget to share your views with me and lovely pics on Facebook. Bye for now I’ll be back with another rich experience soon.


My travel experience, Jaipur

Ever wondered how rich is our cultural heritage. You will definitely amused to see Rajasthan. I had been to Jaipur this holiday season which was really mesmerizing. The rich architectural heritage our country has is worth spending your time not once but it would definitely make you revisit them again. The monuments that are symbol of ancient era are really worth spending time. The places I could cover in this visit of mine I would like to mention here:

Jaigarh fort: it is one or the beautiful places constructed there. The most talked about point is the Canon. This is the major attraction of the place. It took thirty years to build the cannon and was used only once.

The place is full of the story used by the emperor during those times. It also has a beautiful presentation of the areas used for discussion, female dining area, male dining area. The view from the top is unmatched. Visit during winters from November to early March.

Amber Palace: this is still one of the property managed by private ownership but the work is done really well. The carvings on the pillars are really exquisite and is adorable. The place has nominal entry fee but is worth spending time if you love architecture.

It still has beautifully managed gardens and every corner of the fort can tell you a story. There are beautiful shows presented during the evenings and it is one great attraction for the place.

Sheesh Mahal: this is present inside Amber palace itself but is one unique feature in itself. It was supposed to be the Diwan-e-khas of the emperor. The attraction is the glass effect carvings of the era. It has beautiful shine and feel. People just cannot resist clicks there.

The key point to mention is the corner where you stand one side and other person can click your pic in the mirror as if you are in the painting. You will love to see this. Sheesh Mahal is really beautiful.

Hawa Mahal: Hawa Mahal is known for its beautiful ventilation the windows or jharokha. The sleek appearance in front and different levels have been built beautifully. The presence of stairs and ramp is fit for everyone to choose how they want to go up.

Though it is situated in the centre of pink city but it still holds its unique attraction and beauty. The place features the beautiful knowledge of architecture maximizing airflow.

Nahargadh Biological and zoological Park: If you are visiting with your kids, nothing is more attractive for them. There are carnivorous animals like lion, tiger, white tiger, hyena etc managed beautifully. The trees and plants have been labelled for people to understand nicely.

Also beautiful birds steal the attention of people visiting.

There are lots of other places like pushkar and ajmer that can be clubbed along with Jaipur and give you the beautiful memory of the place visited.

Jantar Mantar: the place is very educational and is based on ancient astrology of india.

The mathematical calculations of our ancient contributions are must visit place for our next generation to understand the importance of our country and its rich history.

City Palace: this can be planned along with Hawa Mahal and jantar mantar as all of them are situated in pink city close to each other.

The must try place for foodies is Rajdhani restaurant which serves beautiful authentic taste of Rajasthan.

Thought a little higher on spice, Rajasthani cuisine makes a special place in the hearts of people coming there.

That’s all about Jaipur and I will be back with another rich experience. Bye for now.


Weekend getaway this season 2018

If you look at the calendar this year, it is full of extended weekend holiday. I love it and I am  sure you too and if you are young at heart, you must like long drives and weekend getaways. Sharing my trip to nagaon beach alibaug this weekend. What was amazing was the misty fog around and pleasant climate. This beach has a lot to offer. There are watersports activities like banana boat, parasailing etc. The beach was full of young and energetic crowd. Water is also clear and feels good to be there. After spending hours and tiring yourself in water and on the beach, you would definitely be hungry. Good thing is there are a lot of good places to eat near the beach which offer authentic malwani and konkani cuisine. If you are fond of Konkani food and sea fish, this is definitely your heaven. The hot steaming fish curries and fried fish is definitely going to make your mouth water. Try tasting every dish on the menu card and have competition in your group who eats more, you won’t even come to know how much you ate. Afterall a good holiday is always a memory in the form of pounds we add to our weight and the smile we show on our faces. Ladies, you definitely have a lot more, there are places selling konkan special spices and products which are really reasonably priced. If you love to cook and impress your guests at home, you do have a lot to pick from there. The kokam extracts are also very fresh. When you are back, do not forget to share pics on Facebook and spread the joy. Will give you my next trip takeaways soon.