How to make kids love studying….

Are you worried about today’s high pressure environment around your kids and wondering how to make them get to #studying_better then, you are not going wrong because I myself used to wonder and worry about the same until some time back. Today’s education system has a really vast curriculum. Its true that with time and advancement the pool of knowledge is increasing day by day but, is it really the pace with which we can make our kids absorb everything like a sponge?

The answer is no.

Eventhough kids may be very intelligent but the pressure still mounts on them. You might love to see them scoring A’s always, but still they need help.

The best way to help them achieve this is by giving them the right direction and environment to do so. Here are a few ways in which we can improve their system of working:

  1. Write some beautiful motivational quotes and stick them in their room. They have a tendency to read everything around them. This in turn will build positive atmosphere around them.

  2. Motivate them to contribute half-an-hour to an hour daily so that they are fresh in their minds with the portion studied.

  3. Make a time table of subjects to be studied on the day-to-day basis and stick their favourite fruit or vegetable images around or besides the subject. This will make them love the subject as a visual impact on their minds.

  4. Take out time to talk to them like friends on daily basis and talk about the subject you like studying. This will motivate them in friendly manner to absorb good things from you. Remember kids have a copy brain so what they see and hear impacts them.

  5. Try to make studying fun like a game and to be played in a sportive manner. This way they gasp better.

  6. Try to ask them to become a teacher and explain a topic to you. At times try making mistakes so they can correct you. Believe me this is something they love to do, in turn they understand the topic better.

  7. Encourage them to be participative in the activities at school and if possible reward them with small gifts. No matter how ordinary or small the gift may be, kids always love them and get motivated to do better.

  8. When they practice something or show you something they have completed nicely, reward them by writing excellent in the comment or give them stars for them. Believe it or not this really makes them happy.

  9. When they are stuck with something or they are not able to memorize or get through, tell them how you have done it in your past or may be writing them multiple times might help them better.

  10. Position yourself as a motivator in their life guiding with the tips used by you in your past. Tell them nothing is impossible and they can achieve whatever they want with little efforts on daily basis from their side.

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Restaurant style Sundays brunch

Amazing Sunday morning if you get restaurant style breakfast at home. #yummy, you instantaneously become everybody’s favourite person. Yes but when it’s not, can you guess who is that charming person at my place, my son.

Let me share with you a nice Sunday morning brunch.

For this we need

Cauliflower 5-6 florets

Peas 50 g

mushroom 4-5

French beans 5-7

Pumpkin 50g

Bell pepper 1

Eggs 4

Wash vegetables and mushroom and set aside. Cut mushroom and french beans into halves and vegetables into one inch pieces. Take a bowl and boil some water into it. Blanch vegetables for two minutes and strain them. Blanch mushroom for ten seconds. Now put a grill pan on fire and heat it. Grill vegetables on the pan on medium to high heat to get grill marks and spray some cooking oil on it. When done from both sides, sprinkle salt and pepper and take it out on a plate and set aside. In the same pan grill some pav or thick bread slices. Brush a little butter on it. When done from both sides take them out and set aside. To the same pan break the eggs and scramble them for two minutes. Add salt pepper and chillies and take it out on in serving plate with breads. Take it to the dining table and enjoy with your loved ones.


How to make your little ones eat


As beautiful as the motherhood experience is, it comes with a lot of stress as well. When we start introducing them to the food it is just the paste food they are eating. dal khichadi paste, chapati bhaji crushed, stewed apple and carrots, mashed banana. They like it or not we just have to make them eat. But the struggle begins at the age of around one and half years to 3 years. This is the most fussy time of childhood when children royally learn to say no to everything. Its me and I will say this, is their behaviour like. I am sure everyone goes through this and learning to convince kids that they must have this food is a remarkable art that you must have.

How to convince them to eat what you want them to eat:

  1.  Change the spice mix once a week: Instead of using a mixed spices in your vegetable preparation, break them down into pepper, cinnamon, cardamom,clove powders and experiment one week each. That will give you an idea about which taste better suits your kids liking.
  2. Be creative: Instead of making them eat plain roti, add boiled mashed vegetables into the dough itself and make roti or paratha out of it. This can make even fussy kids eat vegetables without knowing that they have been doing so.
  3. Change the shape of roti and parathas and give them some special name while serving them. This makes it more interesting for them to be hooked on to the meal.
  4. If kids like pasta: Make pasta with whole grain pasta available adding lots of vegetables.
  5. Make food colorful: If you are able to use the natural color of vegetables like spinach for green, tomato for red, carrot for orange , zucchini for yellow etc, kids tend to get interested in food more.
  6. Less Spicy: Going light on the spice level is better idea since their taste buds are very sensitive they can find all the taste very strong.
  7. Less on Sugar: Sugary food in small quantity also make them feel satisfied so it is important that you do not give them anything sugary before meal so that they pay proper attention to their major meals.
  8. keeping the meal timings same: as far as possible keep the meal times same so that the hunger pangs do not make them irritable which then makes it difficult for moms to make them eat.
  9. Sweet tooth cravings: For the little ones with sweet tooth its better to motivate them to eat fruits than artificial sweetened products as this adds good habit for future and at the same time they are better in terms of essential vitamins and minerals.
  10. Engaging them with food: occasional engagement with food like keeping mom and kid cooking time once a week with some fancy name for the food creates interest in the food and they get the feel of being a part of making them so they tend to eat with love.

This is all for now from my side. I am sure all the moms out there if you happen to have beautiful ideas for our help, please do share with us, and do like and share this article as well. Bye for now.