Breakfast, the meal of the day to start with.


In todays fast paced world most of us who live in metros do not have time in the mornings to enjoy the sceanic beauty of sunrise with a cup of coffee sitting and relaxing, but ideally thats the most stress free time of the day made stressful by our lifestyles. What to do since we know it nicely that rushing to office and making entery into the attendence register and signing on it is the only thing thats on the minds of people. Laughing and thinking that in this degital world of attendence being marked by swipe and flash cards who does entry in ragisters, my friend even with all these gadgets in a goverment organisations and their associated ventures you need to follow this procedure every morning. Believe me as annoying as it seems but I myself have been a part of this.

Anyways, my point is not attendence but the breakfast and morning peace of mind is a very important part of our life to keep us fit. And why do you think it is important? Here are a few important things that we must know:

  1. Fasting for more than eight hours at night may lead to acidity issues if we do not eat in the morning. If already having acidity issues and having irregular lifestyle then this is the way to improve your condition.
  2. Having a breakfast that is healthy and balanced keeps us energetic for the whole day ahead. This in turn controls irritable mood, and helps you focus on work completely.
  3. Having breakfast will avoid your temptation to go to the coffee wending machine again and again in turn avoiding unwanted need of caffine intake.
  4. Satisfied and energetic feel is one good reason to get creative thoughts for your projects as it would help you finish most of your creative presentations in the first half of the day.
  5. You will definitely be smiling and that in turn will make you your bosses favourite for the day (just kidding this can be one good side effect gentlemen and ladies, not a compusary mode of action of this medication).
  6. and the most important thing we do not tend to overeat for lunch which keeps the day well balanced.

The best way to start our day is with a a healthy breakfast like a bowl of oats with 100 ml low fat milk, granola with yogurt, milk shake with some fruits, half spoon of flax seeds and some nuts in it, oil free fried/ poached egg with one toast, small paneer paratha without oil, spinich paratha without oil, lots of other healthier forms of them. choose one for the day not all.

If you can , carry a small low cal fruit for mid morning snacking along with you to the office so that the canteen does not become too much of indulgence.

Avoid oily food for breakfast and try having some good source of carb included the first meal to keep mood uplifted. As important as it is to eat less at night, morning should be started with good meal and waking up half an hour early to incorporate twenty minutes of yoga and some quality time spent with your companion over a cup of tea or coffee is equally important for the good day.

So its time to start working. Have a wonderful day.


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