How to manage relationships being in the same office

As important as it seems to have a great career, it is equally important to balance personal lives along with it. Now a days long working hours have become quite common in most of the organisations. This in turn has reduced time people use to socialise or the private life somehow gets overlapped by professional life. Since more than eight hours are being spent in the office space makes integration and relationships grow more inside the organisations. But as it should not jeopardise the behaviour of person, it is important that we understand the dos and don’t of relationships in the same office space:

  1. Do give each other proper space even if you both work in the same department.

  2. Always try and build good professional relations with other colligues in the office.

  3. Try giving other colligue’s work equal recognition.

  4. Try to use personal time out side for personal conversation to avoid people gossiping unnecessarily.

  5. Try to keep it undisclosed to others as far as possible until you are completely sure about the future otherwise it might become difficult for both of you to work together in case it does not work out.

  6. Share good practice and good experience with each other as it builds strong bond with each other and also develop mutual respect for each other.

  7. Share good ideas with each other so that it helps both to grow together.

  8. Always motivate each other to keep upgrading knowledge so as to build healthy and cultured environment for future.

The don’t of the relationship are:

  1. Never let the colleagues feel neglected by the couple approach in office.

  2. Do not let the feelings be open to everyone in the office as it leads to a lot of gossip and distraction in office space.

  3. Do not favour the partner unnecessarily because this might lead to imbalance in the office harmony.

  4. Do not use office phone or email for personal conversation.

  5. Do not make it obvious that you have to come and go at the same time.

  6. Do not interfere in the other persons work space and creativity in office as it may lead to stress building in relation.

  7. Do not be jealous of the other persons recognition in the department or office as the talent itself could have been the reasons to bring both of you together.

  8. Do not bring department competition a matter of stress in relation.

These are a few tips for healthy relationship in the same office space.


How to make your little ones eat


As beautiful as the motherhood experience is, it comes with a lot of stress as well. When we start introducing them to the food it is just the paste food they are eating. dal khichadi paste, chapati bhaji crushed, stewed apple and carrots, mashed banana. They like it or not we just have to make them eat. But the struggle begins at the age of around one and half years to 3 years. This is the most fussy time of childhood when children royally learn to say no to everything. Its me and I will say this, is their behaviour like. I am sure everyone goes through this and learning to convince kids that they must have this food is a remarkable art that you must have.

How to convince them to eat what you want them to eat:

  1.  Change the spice mix once a week: Instead of using a mixed spices in your vegetable preparation, break them down into pepper, cinnamon, cardamom,clove powders and experiment one week each. That will give you an idea about which taste better suits your kids liking.
  2. Be creative: Instead of making them eat plain roti, add boiled mashed vegetables into the dough itself and make roti or paratha out of it. This can make even fussy kids eat vegetables without knowing that they have been doing so.
  3. Change the shape of roti and parathas and give them some special name while serving them. This makes it more interesting for them to be hooked on to the meal.
  4. If kids like pasta: Make pasta with whole grain pasta available adding lots of vegetables.
  5. Make food colorful: If you are able to use the natural color of vegetables like spinach for green, tomato for red, carrot for orange , zucchini for yellow etc, kids tend to get interested in food more.
  6. Less Spicy: Going light on the spice level is better idea since their taste buds are very sensitive they can find all the taste very strong.
  7. Less on Sugar: Sugary food in small quantity also make them feel satisfied so it is important that you do not give them anything sugary before meal so that they pay proper attention to their major meals.
  8. keeping the meal timings same: as far as possible keep the meal times same so that the hunger pangs do not make them irritable which then makes it difficult for moms to make them eat.
  9. Sweet tooth cravings: For the little ones with sweet tooth its better to motivate them to eat fruits than artificial sweetened products as this adds good habit for future and at the same time they are better in terms of essential vitamins and minerals.
  10. Engaging them with food: occasional engagement with food like keeping mom and kid cooking time once a week with some fancy name for the food creates interest in the food and they get the feel of being a part of making them so they tend to eat with love.

This is all for now from my side. I am sure all the moms out there if you happen to have beautiful ideas for our help, please do share with us, and do like and share this article as well. Bye for now.


Stuffed tomatoes


Another healthy recipe to die for is here.

Stuffed tomatoe needs:

Tomatoes -2 firm

Paneer – 100 g shredded

Green Chillis- chopped

Salt to taste

pizza seasoning for taste

Spring onion leaves for garnishing and presentation

Olive oil (spray is better as controlled quantity comes out)

Cut a slice of tomato from top and scoop out the seeds and liquiqd from inside. cut green chillis and spring onions fine and set aside. Take the shredded paneer or cottage cheese in a bowl and add bottom part of spring onion, green chillis, salt to taste and pizza seasoning and mix well. Take the tomatoes and fill the mix to the pop of the tomatoes. spray some oil on the tomatoes and microwave at 100 percent in a microwave safe dish for three minutes without lid. Take it out in a plate and garnish with the greens of spring oning and serve hot. A delicious low calorie meal for dinner or lunch is ready.

Bye for now.


Choosing a November born employee

Most of us know our own sun signs and are very familiar with our own behaviour. Let us today see the best part of all the november born employees. November, as we all know have given most of the magnetic personalities. What makes them best are these qualities:

  1. As pleasant as the month of november is, these people have very pleasant personality. This becomes an added benifit because people get convinced by them easily. They have a firm hand shake and are very good listener.

  2. They are intelligent since birth. This is why they learn everything easily and can lead others as well. Even though this makes them jealous of others if they exceed their quality.

  3. They have a very strong positive attitude and if they decide once in their head they will not take defeat.

  4. They are very strong headed people and if they use it in right direction that’s great driving force for success.

  5. They never take no for an answer. If the potential is used in an area where convincing is required they happen to be an ideal choice for the job.

  6. They have an inbound quality of being creative. This also attributes to these people being innovative in approach.

  7. They are unpredictable hence they always attract attention and also are good speakers. They always get followers easily.

  8. They are fearless people, few of the kinds who are not even afraid of death. Thus not the once who would be afraid of doing any job.

  9. They are very cheerful and enthusiastic individual.

Happy go lucky people these are the traits of employees born in november.

Have a great november ahead.


Breakfast, the meal of the day to start with.


In todays fast paced world most of us who live in metros do not have time in the mornings to enjoy the sceanic beauty of sunrise with a cup of coffee sitting and relaxing, but ideally thats the most stress free time of the day made stressful by our lifestyles. What to do since we know it nicely that rushing to office and making entery into the attendence register and signing on it is the only thing thats on the minds of people. Laughing and thinking that in this degital world of attendence being marked by swipe and flash cards who does entry in ragisters, my friend even with all these gadgets in a goverment organisations and their associated ventures you need to follow this procedure every morning. Believe me as annoying as it seems but I myself have been a part of this.

Anyways, my point is not attendence but the breakfast and morning peace of mind is a very important part of our life to keep us fit. And why do you think it is important? Here are a few important things that we must know:

  1. Fasting for more than eight hours at night may lead to acidity issues if we do not eat in the morning. If already having acidity issues and having irregular lifestyle then this is the way to improve your condition.
  2. Having a breakfast that is healthy and balanced keeps us energetic for the whole day ahead. This in turn controls irritable mood, and helps you focus on work completely.
  3. Having breakfast will avoid your temptation to go to the coffee wending machine again and again in turn avoiding unwanted need of caffine intake.
  4. Satisfied and energetic feel is one good reason to get creative thoughts for your projects as it would help you finish most of your creative presentations in the first half of the day.
  5. You will definitely be smiling and that in turn will make you your bosses favourite for the day (just kidding this can be one good side effect gentlemen and ladies, not a compusary mode of action of this medication).
  6. and the most important thing we do not tend to overeat for lunch which keeps the day well balanced.

The best way to start our day is with a a healthy breakfast like a bowl of oats with 100 ml low fat milk, granola with yogurt, milk shake with some fruits, half spoon of flax seeds and some nuts in it, oil free fried/ poached egg with one toast, small paneer paratha without oil, spinich paratha without oil, lots of other healthier forms of them. choose one for the day not all.

If you can , carry a small low cal fruit for mid morning snacking along with you to the office so that the canteen does not become too much of indulgence.

Avoid oily food for breakfast and try having some good source of carb included the first meal to keep mood uplifted. As important as it is to eat less at night, morning should be started with good meal and waking up half an hour early to incorporate twenty minutes of yoga and some quality time spent with your companion over a cup of tea or coffee is equally important for the good day.

So its time to start working. Have a wonderful day.


Take a tour to your career path.

You might be any age today to think of a career you always dreamt of having.

Today let me take you through a journey of a little girl called Minki. She was small pretty girl with two ponytail and used to think I am pink so I am going to grow up and get married to a pink and very good looking guy( I know what you are thinking but remember she is small around three or four years age). Then she started going to school and the hero at that age is the teacher who actually already knows everything  as she thinks. So now she starts thinking I want to become a teacher. Growing up to fifth grader, science is the most amazing subject, it has all the answers so now she thinks I want to become a scientist. Growing up further into a  teenager good in maths and science I am going to choose either engineering or medicine as my career. The decision is made by parents that you choose medicine so it’s good choice to be in medicine.

But the final run begins now. What should I do, whether practice medicine, or choose to do my specialization in medicine, or do management etc. All the confusion in mind is just one small plot we make just to figure out what do we actually dream of.

But tell you actually whatever our kids decide to choose as a profession in today’s world the only thing they need from us is motivation to become the best. Believe me a doctor wanting to design dresses or an architect becoming a model like we have example of Aishwarya Rai and so many more you might not have heard of, if they turn out to be the best in their field they will always make you proud.

Love your kids and love yourself. You can be the best in whatever you decide to be and so will the next generation, our children future of our nation.

The right thing is not what we think is the best but what best we can do and what we think is worth doing.

  1. Understanding the potential along with the innate interest is always best way of deciding a career path.  Wanting to create an organisation or wanting to work for an organisation  if done at its best than that’s what we are looking for in life.

Engaging employees during festivals

qtq80-PLrNPHWhenever festive season is round the corner there is an opportunity for improvement in the overall environment of office negating the office politics. This has a very good impact on improving overall positive approach. Few of the ways in which organisations and HR department does this is:

  1. Organising various activities like decorations.

  2. Various different forms of combination like fusion dressing, traditional dress-up day, theme dressing ect.

Prize for best dressed male and female.

  1. Having cooking activities like cooking without flames.
  2. Organising lunches or dinners.

  3. Gift or voucher distribution for employees.

  4. Prize for best work station.

  5. Organising fashion shows of employees or singing and dance competitions, quiz contests.

  6. Organising programs for kids of employees like activity meant for kids wherein employees can eagerly bring there kids dressed up nicely for the activities in office.

  7. This also involves certain sports activities for their kids.

We know if kids admire parents professional people have similar feeling for their organisations too.

My dear friends if you happen to have more innovative platforms in your office, do remember to share with all of us or comment in my post. Hope you like it.

Bye for now.



Savoury besan pancakes/ chillas

Savoury besan chila/ pancake

For good health it is important that we eat healthy food.

Another wonderful recipe that can be a good breakfast for gym goers if looking for vegan option. For this we need

Besan 50 g

Green chillies 1

Onion 1 small chopped fine

Tomatoe 1 small chopped fine

Coriander leaves 1 tablespoon

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder as per taste

Take besan in a bowl add salt and chilli powder. Add some water and whisk nicely into a smooth batter. Now add rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Put pan on heat and spray oil over it. spread the mix evenly over the pan and cook for 5 minutes on each side. Take out and serve hot with sauce.

Enjoy delicious recipe and stay fit.

Bye for now.


Want to buy an insurance here’s what you should know

Do you want to invest in insurance? If yes you must definitely know what to look for and what to avoid.

Insurance is a great financial instrument when you are thinking about financial security. Let us today talk about the most common product bought which is life insurance.


When it comes to life insurance the value of earning member of the family usuall referred to as bread winner is of consideration. Now for a lay man this term is understood as buying a policy which is at a certain point when I die, it will give my family a certain amount of money I am going to pay premium for. At the time of buying there are certain facts which are of great importance which a person should know while filling in the form which usually people do not pay attention to. I shall talk about the same today.

  1. Age of the person: The age of the person is one important criteria as it decides the premium amount for the person. Firstly any false information should never be given at the time of getting a life insurance or else it might cost your family at the time of claim by making them null and void or affecting in other ways. Best, always be transparent. If the matter of concern becomes premium amount, then you must initially compare the premium amount of the product you want to buy from various companies and then proceed to buy the product. You will be happy and at the time of claim your family will be happy.
  2. Occupation: Most of us do not even bother about the word occupational hazard. In insurance there are certain category of occupation which are considered to be hazardous and thus there are extra premium charged for covering the risk of the same. Its better to pay the extra amount and stay free from anxiety. Hence better to mention the nature of work clearly.
  3. hobby: Even though most of the people in our fast pace life, do not have time to persue hobbies which may be risk to life, but in case you do so, please mention the same in the beginning so that in case of any event there is no repudiation of claim for this reason.
  4. Health: health status is the most important of all that you need to disclose completely there are medical tests associated with them even in case of non medical limit of the product. the regular extra on the premium is any time better than the dependent left behind with the hassels of qustions being asked on why non disclosure and then the claim not paid for this reason.

Hope I could make few of the most important point clear for you. In case of any query you may comment in my comment section I would be happy to answer them for you.

Bye for now.


Managing weight during and post festive season

Excitement of festivals are always great. But so is the that 3 to 4 kg weight gain are going to be the by-product of this. Ever wondered my favourite jeans need me so I am definitely not going to touch anything this festive. Nope coz when we visit someone, ‘can’t say no to the delicious preparations of my friends, neighbours’.
It actually is the fact and the problem we have to face.
Not to worry the best way to keep it in check, choose wisely.
1. Start your day with a glass of lemon juice.
2. Eat light at home so that there is space to accommodate calories outside too.
3. Try to choose lower cal ones over at neighbours or friends place.
4. Choose nuts over fried food.
5. Choose juice over sweets.
6. Have only 2 to 3 bites if you need to visit too many friends.
7. And most importantly go for a detox week with fruits and vegetables post holidays and festivals.
It’s good to celebrate, but even better to celebrate decorating and dressing up nicely rather than bingeing.
Love yourself and stay fit.