How to make kids love studying….

Are you worried about today’s high pressure environment around your kids and wondering how to make them get to #studying_better then, you are not going wrong because I myself used to wonder and worry about the same until some time back. Today’s education system has a really vast curriculum. Its true that with time and advancement the pool of knowledge is increasing day by day but, is it really the pace with which we can make our kids absorb everything like a sponge?

The answer is no.

Eventhough kids may be very intelligent but the pressure still mounts on them. You might love to see them scoring A’s always, but still they need help.

The best way to help them achieve this is by giving them the right direction and environment to do so. Here are a few ways in which we can improve their system of working:

  1. Write some beautiful motivational quotes and stick them in their room. They have a tendency to read everything around them. This in turn will build positive atmosphere around them.

  2. Motivate them to contribute half-an-hour to an hour daily so that they are fresh in their minds with the portion studied.

  3. Make a time table of subjects to be studied on the day-to-day basis and stick their favourite fruit or vegetable images around or besides the subject. This will make them love the subject as a visual impact on their minds.

  4. Take out time to talk to them like friends on daily basis and talk about the subject you like studying. This will motivate them in friendly manner to absorb good things from you. Remember kids have a copy brain so what they see and hear impacts them.

  5. Try to make studying fun like a game and to be played in a sportive manner. This way they gasp better.

  6. Try to ask them to become a teacher and explain a topic to you. At times try making mistakes so they can correct you. Believe me this is something they love to do, in turn they understand the topic better.

  7. Encourage them to be participative in the activities at school and if possible reward them with small gifts. No matter how ordinary or small the gift may be, kids always love them and get motivated to do better.

  8. When they practice something or show you something they have completed nicely, reward them by writing excellent in the comment or give them stars for them. Believe it or not this really makes them happy.

  9. When they are stuck with something or they are not able to memorize or get through, tell them how you have done it in your past or may be writing them multiple times might help them better.

  10. Position yourself as a motivator in their life guiding with the tips used by you in your past. Tell them nothing is impossible and they can achieve whatever they want with little efforts on daily basis from their side.

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Better life comes with better choice.


How to balance lifestyle during festivals..

Thinking of an ideal body is everyone’s dream but somehow we really get carried away by the charm of festival season. It is not difficult to say that we can easily keep ourselves motivated by a few simple steps for this season:

1. Sleep is an essential part of a healthy mind and body so the first thing to begin with is nice regulated appropriate seven to eight hours of sleep must be a lifestyle. No matter going to bed on time is a good way.

2. We have all heard “early to bed and early to rise…” we must wake up early and definitely take up some form of exercise atleast for sixty to ninety minutes everyday or atleast six days a week.

3. You are what you eat, very true. Temptations to eat all the rich, fried and sweet things is something no one is able to resist. But there is an easy way to keep a check on this. Every time you get tempted to do so make sure you eat a citrus fruit like orange, sweet lime etc before gorging on them. Benefits, clear flawless skin and less hungry at the same time .

4. A glass of lemon juice with some honey is one great immunity booster as well keeps you away from weight gain.

5. Use few drops aromatic oil in a bowl of water and keep it in your room. It keeps you calm and keeps mosquitoes away.

6. Children tend to eat more often because of plenty of snacks being available. Advising them to wash or sanitize their hands is another important thing to focus on. This will keep them away from stomach upsets.


How to make your Diwali day perfect..

Festivals season is the most welcoming changes that we love and being a part of it is really beautiful though, for a woman it is hectic too because we have a lot of responsibility as well on our shoulders of makeing it perfect for others. Let me tell you the secret of makeing it perfect for your family and yourself.

We know women love multitasking but it’s better to make your agenda clear before starting, that means a well planned and executed day is always better.

Start Diwali cleaning atleast fifteen day in advance. This way you have plenty of time to take up one thing at a time.

Now let’s start with Dhanteras:

Dhanteras is suppose to be an auspicious day to buy new things. It is believed that buying new things on this day brings good luck and financial blessing to the family.

Challenges, the market place is more crowded and it take time for you to buy what you want.

To solve this problem it’s best to shop in the morning.

Also if unable to decide on what to buy the best investment would be to buy small gold biscuits. It comes in various sizes the most popular being one gram, two gram, ten gram.

If you are done with the shopping for Dhanteras then you can finish putting your festive set of curtains and decorations to finish the final touch. Put the Diwali candellier and decorative lights. Let the house shine.

Now Choti Diwali or Narak niwaran chaturdashi:

By now the Diwali delicacies should be over but if you still have something still left to be done, it is good to finish it today.

Finally the Diwali day or lakshmi pooja :

It’s good to start early if you tend to prepare special eatables for the day. After you finish the cooking part, do your arrangements for the lakshmi pooja and finish off with rangoli. Do not eat too much oily food because you need to look good in your Diwali dress flaunting the best of you.

If you are done with the rangoli then put your flower torans and decorations for the Diwali day.

This should be over by afternoon. The rest of the time should be used to relax a little so that you have energy for the evening.

Now light dias, dress up nicely in your beautiful dress and flaunt the best of you attending to the guests and going to your neighbours and friends place.

Have a wonderful Diwali friends.


Choosing an October born employee…

We have seen the traits of September born people and now we are here to see the traits of our October born employees:

  1. They are very charming and believe in peace and harmony.
  2. They are honest people, emotionally calm and intelligent.
  3. They can be comfortable and connect almost instantly with anyone around.
  4. They almost never loose their temper.
  5. Due to their nature and attitude they have more friends then enemies.
  6. They possess creative mind. This makes them very successful in the field of art and design.
  7. They are biggest daydreamer. They need to learn not to prolong decision-making.
  8. They love challenges and do really well with their instinct. They do well in real estate, stock market, food , interior design, art etc.
  9. They are very optimistic and business orientated.
  10. They are great advisers and problem solvers.

Choosing a September born employee…

From the journey of analyzing the August born employee we are proceeding to the #September born employee around us. They are interesting people to know with their positive and negative traits.

The positive aspects of September born #employee are:

  1. September born are finicky, perfection-demanding, individuals.
  2. They are critical of themselves and the world around them but because of their keen-eye-for-details, they make great communicators, writers and speakers.
  3. They are great with logic and have a strong intuition.
  4. September Born = perfectionists.
    Therefore, they make great doctors, teachers, designers and so on.
  5. They have sensitive souls within, that is really working towards the interest of the others. Great in social work or philanthropic in nature.
  6. They just want to ensure everyone is happy but find it difficult to communicate this idea.

Negatives of September born people:

  1. They have a very rude, sarcastic side to their personality, which can be their downfall.
  2. Their constant nagging for things to be perfect and over detailing can result in working alone.
  3. September born have moods swinging to a polar extreme.
  4. September Born are often misunderstood souls.
  5. September born are accident-prone and they should take great care of avoiding any violent accidents or it could lead to fatal wounds best not to be in the heavy machinery department.

Choosing an August born employee…

In dealing employee with #employee behaviour and their #personality traits we have come to analysing an August born employee. To begin with the positives of an August born employee:

  1. They are very good with their finances, so you will never see them in debt. If in business they manage their financials really well.They are able to manage finance so easily which makes them great decision makers.

  2. They’re easily irritated by stupidity. People born in August are very smart, and they cannot handle people who ask stupid questions.

  3. August born are motivated people. They are very self motivated and often take care of their zeal by themselves.

  4. They are very energetic and give themselves the much-needed push to overcome any difficult situations.

  5. They know that life is full-of-surprises and failure in life is also common.

  6. The best part about them is, they don’t let the failure destroy their mood. Instead, they act positively towards failures.

  7. They are hardworking and great leaders. No matter what; they’ll work hard to get the things that they deserve.

  8. They’re very dedicated towards achieving the things that they want in life.

  9. Hard work pays off, that’s how they live to achieve success. They don’t believe in short cuts.

  10. They are fortunate.They are very lucky and fortunate people. Often we would see them wearing luck and get through certain situations that others will not be able to.

  11. August born tend to be famous and powerful.

Negatives of August born employees:

  1. They’re very tolerant but don’t push them to the edge. When they go beyond anger and often fill with red-hot rage.

  2. They need their space.August borns need to have their personal space. Since they are very private people, they prefer to have their “me-time.”

  3. They’re always right.They can’t let you go off without having the last word, they are too stubborn for that.

  4. They will show sudden outburst of emotions. Their mood swings make them very rude sometimes.

  5. The August born people feel hesitation to share their feeling face to face. This is probably the reason why they are phenomenal writers and express themselves fluently on paper.

  6. They can have a high temper at times. That’s only when dealing with stupid people.

  7. August borns not easily impressed, they just want to feel special. It’s twice as hard to impress them.


Choosing a July born employee…

Dealing with HR gives us opportunity to understand the nature of person best suited for a job profile. Understanding nature of the employees have got us to understanding our #July born employees today. The positive traits include:

  1. They are sticklers for details and observe things with a very keen eye.
    They are very good organisers and ethical in their approach to work.

  2. They are good with their culinary skills being good cooks and even real estate. They make good managers, artists.

  3. They play it safe and hence, financial security is important to them. They will work hard and seek out every opportunity to ensure they are rich and wealthy.

  4. They can channelize their energies into music or singing, or opt to be an artist.

  5. Qualities that best describe July born individuals are organised, steady, stable, lovable, charming and warm.

Negatives of July born people is their emotional trait. They tend to be unstable due to this at times of emotional outbursts.


Choosing a June born employee..

Personality traits define the interest of people in their day-to-day work and thus makes them successful if placed in the department or office that suits their personality best. Lets go through the benefits of choosing a June born employee.

  1. They are the best personality and an absolute pleasure to be around. They have great looks and talent like singing, dancing, sports etc.

  2. They are genuinely good-natured and are a pleasure to be around. Great artists and sports lovers.

  3. Their mind is constantly racing with thoughts and ideas and are naturally curious about everything.

  4. They are people with vision and many ideas.

  5. They are open-minded and endlessly imaginative hence great in research department.

  6. They always want the best and are moody and choosy about things.

  7. They are incredibly intuitive and good at reading people, a trait that makes them pretty much personality for HR.

  8. They can distinguish between good and bad in most cases.

  9. They can experience crazy mood swings and are often difficult to understand.

  10. They are very calm and chill in their expression and rarely show emotions.

  11. They are debate champions and have deep analytical skills.


Choosing a May born employee..

Knowing your people has come a long way to knowing your may born employee. Definitely one of the tough headed let’s talk about the traits of choosing a may born employee:

  1. Self motivated: If they choose to do something they do not need a push for that they are self motivated to follow their instinct.

  2. Affection revolves around them: they are affectionate to people around them.

3.big dreamers but never let go of reality: they dream big but always move with the ground reality of the situation.

  1. Extravagant people: they might tend to be quite extravagant people. Appearance and attire will matter to them.

  2. Stubborn by nature: picking fight is easy as they are stubborn by nature. Not fit for customer service.

  3. Appreciate literature and arts: artistic by very nature they appreciate all forms of art and literature. Amazing in creativity like advertising, creative writing.

  4. Travelling compells them to their core.

  5. They don’t find peace easily: too restless by nature and this happens to be their strength too.

  6. Very diligent people: the path they choose, it’s difficult to deviate them from that.

  7. Possessive in nature: be it for things or people they are quite possessive by their very nature.

  8. Even smallest of the thing can annoy them: they are restless and that’s why they get annoyed by anything easily.


Planning for talent acquisition on a global basis

If an organisation is operating across borders HR encounters many additional challenges in global talent acquisition other than ones encountered in domestic environment. When its span of countries, distances, time zones, languages complexity tends to increase. The level of risk is also greater as it is difficult to control widely dispersed locations and cost of correcting problem can be very high.

Contractual and legal policies that impact employment are especially difficult to monitor in many countries in various parts of the world.

Another problem encountered is culture. Organisations openness and inclusive approach is also important factor.

Global strategies and plans must be aligned with organisational strategy, vision and mission. Organisations create their own unique strategic approaches in their quest for global talent based on variety of factors such as:

  1. Strategic plan: it is important to know organisations plan for introducing or taking off product, opening or closing facilities, entering new markets or developing new partners, introducing new changes, outsourcing, crowdsourcing etc while planning for global talent.

  2. Global integration versus local responsiveness strategy: centralized management with standardization across all global operations or decentralized approach promoting local decision-making. The approach taken determines the type of jobs needed in various global locations, influences the best way to get work done and shapes the requirement of team assembled to develop the plan.

  3. Orientation and talent staffing: depends whether the organisation is ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric or geocentric. Based on this some practices can promote globalization.

  4. Growth strategies: type of global expansion is another important aspect. Considering expansion, merger and acquisition, joint venture, greenfield operations, strategic alliance may have particular staffing needs.

  5. Maturity of the global location: expatriate are used for initial staffing, perhaps of a greenfield operation because local talent is not yet ready. Then later on local national increase with time.

  6. External factors: local culture and values, demographic trends, competition for local labour, compensation and benefit approaches, security, economic factor, political climate are also important factors determining global talent acquisition and management.

  7. Social responsibility: degree to which organization holds itself responsible for the social impact of its global approach affects approach to global staffing.

  8. Information technology: social media and online conferencing. Recruiting via social media facilities like Facebook, LinkedIn, connection between organisations and talent pools has great impact as it could be difficult to reach using traditional methods.

The challenges faced by a global organisation and a local organisation turning to global expansion is similar and can be dealt with careful planing.